Jon Thaler

University of Illinois


The autobiography of a user:


I have broad user experience, including astronomy as well as particle physics; I understand the varying perspectives of scientists from different "cultures".


 SLAC is undergoing dramatic changes, not only in its internal structure, but also in its external relationships (eg, to CERN and NOAO).  The personality of the user community is also changing.  As a consequence, SLUO needs to adapt to the new environment.  The user community will not be needing the same services from the lab as before.  It will present a much more diverse and sometimes competing set of requests to SLAC.  Credible representation of the community's interests at SLAC will require people who understand many points of view.


 I think that my broad experience, and present participation in the SLAC astrophysics program, will match SLUO's upcoming needs.  Quite a few particle physicists are making the transition to astrophysics/cosmology.