Anna Goussiou

University of Washington


I am an associate professor of physics at the University of Washington.

Currently, I am pursuing my research at the ATLAS experiment at the LHC/CERN and the D0 experiment at the Tevatron/Fermilab.  In the past, I have also worked at the CMS experiment at the LHC/CERN and the ZEUS experiment at HERA/DESY.


The long-term future of experimental particle physics in the US is rather unclear at the moment.  We, as a community, need to develop a vision and a new plan.  In parallel, we need to educate both the general public and the members of the government on the importance of basic scientific research for the future growth of this country, as well as for the human intellectual development.  I would be happy if, as a member of the SLUO Executive Committee, I would be able to help in the above areas in any way.