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SLUO Executive Committee Election 2008

Each year SLUO members elect new members to the Executive Committee. The terms are three years in length.  This year, in addition to replacing four out-going members, we are filling two shorter terms of members Giampiero Mancinelli (1 year) and Peter Tenenbaum (2 years).

  • Vote by filling out the ballot form below and clicking "submit".
  • Voting deadline is Friday December 5 at 23:59 PST.
  • For more information about SLUO click here.
  • If you have questions, contact Jill Meyers (SLUO Support Staff.)



    The following information is required to ensure that each person voting submits the ballot once and to send a confirmation email.

    You have six votes (Vote A, Vote B, Vote C, Vote D, Vote E and Vote F). Each of those six votes can be awarded to any of the candidates listed. A single candidate can be awarded 1, 2, 3... or all 6 of your votes depending on how high a priority you give that candidate. By using more votes for your highest priority candidate you will have reduced number of votes to give your other candidates. In the extreme case, you can award all of your votes to one candidate.

    The first four candidates receiving the highest number of votes will receive the three-year terms.  The next two candidates (in order of number of votes) will receive the two-year and one-year term, respectively.

    Candidate Vote A Vote B Vote C Vote D Vote E Vote F
    Henry Band
    David Brown
    Seth Digel
    Gerald Eigen
    Anna Goussiou
    Lisa Kaufman
    William Lockman
    Julie McEnery
    Marie Elena Monzani
    Jason Nielsen
    Jon Thaler
    Anthony Tyson
    Uli Wienands


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