Seth Digel

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory



I’ve been a SLAC user for about 10 years, the last 4 as an Experimental Physicist at SLAC, working on the Large Area Telescope for the GLAST/Fermi mission.  I am a member of KIPAC and co-chair of the KIPAC GLAST Physics department.


For much of the last 4 years change has seemed the only constant at SLAC. Some changes have been positive – for example the launch of GLAST, the taking root of KIPAC, from my personal perspective – and others have been wrenching to SLAC employees and users as the lab has transformed and the budget has seemed to become less certain in the short and long terms.


Through these changes SLUO remains relevant to the continued vitality of SLAC.  In fact, the relevance even may be increasing.  Fundamentally, the point of being a national laboratory is to support a diverse user community either through scientific collaborations that SLAC participates in or via user facilities for experiments that SLAC hosts.  We all recognize that SLAC has unique expertise and facilities.  It is in our enlightened self interest – through the quality of the science and the breadth of support for the laboratory –to recognize the importance of maintaining the excellence of SLAC from a user perspective.


For SLUO the user community is defined by common interests that cross division and directorate boundaries.  The issues for supporting users at SLAC that SLUO can be engaged in range from high-level, like the policy discussions that were organized for this year’s annual meeting, to where the rubber meets the road, like facilitating logistical support for visitors and providing library, network, and computing services.


I think that I could be a sensible and effective advocate for SLAC users.  I am willing to serve SLAC and the user community on the whole range of issues; I appreciate their importance, and would appreciate your vote.