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Summary of Changes to the SLUO Charter, and Transition Plan

The most important change proposed for the SLUO Charter is the elimination of the role of Institutional Representatives and the replacement of this role by that of Participating Collaborations and their representatives. The intention is that the structure of Participating Collaborations will allow SLUO to respond dynamically to new initiatives of SLAC and its user community. Increasingly, scientists supported by SLAC do not have periods of residence at the Laboratory but rather use SLAC's computing, data, and engineering resources at their home institutions. The intention of the charter change is that the Participating Collaborations will provide a means for non-resident users with common interests to organize themselves.
The number of officially recognized Participating Collaborations is limited by the revised Charter to 8. Groups that might appropriately form such Collaborations include the following:
  • members of the BaBar Collaboration
  • members of the Fermi LAT Collaboration
  • members of the ATLAS Collaboration
  • members of the CDMS Collaboration
  • members of the LSST Collaboration
  • members of the EXO Collaboration
  • members of the SiD Collaboration
  • users of the FACET facility
At the moment, the SLUO Executive Committee includes members of ATLAS, BaBar, EXO, Fermi, and LSST. SLUO members who are members of each of these collaborations should organize themselves as a Participating Collaboration in the sense of the revised charter and designate one of the current Executive Committee members as their Collaboration representative. The Executive Committee will accept these choices as an effective way to make the transition. The Executive Committee invites all other groups to organize themselves and petition for formal recognition. The seats of any recognized group will be filled in the next SLUO election. The Executive Committee reserves the right to delay recognition of some groups so that at least one seat in the next election can be reserved for the SLUO membership at large.
A sample petition for recognition from a Participating Collaboration is given below. Note, although the Collaboration can suggest nominees to the SLUO election, that the responsibility for carrying out the election of a member of the Collaboration to the SLUO Executive committee rests with SLUO.
Other important changes in the revised Charter are the following:
1. Elimination of the prohibition on the Chair and Secretary-Treasurer of SLUO being SLAC employees. It is important that these officers be in residence at SLAC to fulfill some of their functions. Increasingly, that requirement will limit these positions to SLAC employees and other residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.
2. Elimination of the position of Coordinator of Committees, and decrease of the required number of Executive Committee meetings annually from 4 to 3. These changes follow the recent practice of the Executive Committee.
There are numerous detailed changes in the text of the Charter. Please read over the new version carefully.

Sample Petition for recognition of a Participating Collaboration

The undersigned petition the SLUO Executive Committee for recognition of a Participating Collaboration serving the interests of the CDMS Collaboration.
The members of this Participating Collaboration shall be those members of SLUO who are also members of the CDMS Collaboration.
The representative of the Participating Collaboration to the SLUO Executive Committee will be responsible for informing the interested members of the CDMS Collaboration on the actions of SLUO and for representing these members opinions to SLUO. That person will also be responsible for informing the interested members of the CDMS Collaboration about SLUO elections and for providing one or more nominees to fill the requested seat on the SLUO Executive Committee.
In the process of organizing the Participating Collaboration, these responsibilities will be carried out by [provide the name].

Thank you,
members of the CDMS Collaboration

Added: 23 September 2011


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