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PPA Safety Policy And Objective

The PPA Directorate is committed to carrying out its scientific mission in a manner that provides the utmost protection for all workers, the public and the environment. Excellence in safety is consistent and congruous with the mission of PPA.  It is the responsibility of all PPA line managers and workers to understand and implement both the SLAC safety policies and procedures and PPA project specific plans and procedures associated with their work activities.

The PPA Directorate is organized by experimental projects. The overall safety objective in PPA is to optimize the safety of these projects within the constraints of operational effectiveness, schedule, and cost through all phases of each project’s lifecycle.  These projects vary in size, scope, complexity, hazards, and lifetime and the safety effort is tailored appropriately. PPA utilizes a systematic approach to hazard identification, risk assessment, risk reduction, and risk acceptance, modeled on the discipline of System Safety Engineering.


PPA Safety Coordinators

PPA Directorate Safety Coordinators directly support PPA projects and are a primary resource for assistance with safety matters.

   * Joseph C. Kenny       * Frank G. O'Neill      * Sandy Pierson

Resources and Links

The following topics listed in this webpage are intended to assist PPA workers in understanding the SLAC/PPA safety requirements. Brief explanations and useful links are provided.

 WPC is implemented for all PPA employees and nonemployees in accordance with the requirements of the SLAC WPC program. All non-employees have an identified POC who is accountable for ensuring effective WPC implementation. For large projects such as BaBar D&D and FACET, formal safety plans explicitly define the WPC implementation methods. Medium and smaller projects are more dependent on the project managers to define and enforce the WPC process for their area. This includes the definition of procedures to be followed and conditions to be fulfilled to work in the given area. The PPA ES&H coordinators are called upon to directly support these managers. This support may range from 100% safety oversight to intermittent involvement as warranted by the activity and its associated hazards. All short term visitors are restricted to green work only. All other nongreen workers will register as users and follow the SLAC WPC process.


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