Operations Directorate


The SubCouncils are an official body of the SLAC Executive Council and ensure broad communications between Operations and all ALDs along with their directorates. They serve as advisory committees to the Operations Divisions/Departments by providing critical user input regarding current and future SLAC Operations infrastructure, services and policies. They are a critical component of the SLAC planning and self assessment process.

SubCouncil Chairs will be appointed by the Executive Council to help ensure represented leadership from across the SLAC Directorates. It is expected that the SubCouncil Chair and the cognizant Operations Line Manager will interact with each other to ensure agenda setting. Members of the SubCouncils are appointed by each ALD as a formal representative of that Directorate.

SubCouncils presently exist for IT, ES&H, Facilities, Human Resources, Procurement, and Communications.

More details about the mission and membership of SLAC SubCouncils can be found in the charter and membership listing.

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