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Strategic Planning

"Support process to flow mission, vision, lab plan and lab agenda into the organization"

Strategic planning and performance processes enable the Laboratory to flow its vision and mission strategy into the organization, and align the resources required to achieve them.  Key planning activities at SLAC include the Annual Laboratory Plan (ALP), the Performance Measurement and Evaluation Plan (PEMP) Notable Outcomes, the Laboratory Agenda, directorate and departmental business plans, management assessments (per the Integrated Assessment Schedule), and financial planning activities (see the Office of the Chief Financial Officer).  Below is an outline of the strategic planning activities that the Office of Strategic Planning and Business Development coordinates:

Annual Laboratory Plan (ALP)

The ALP provides a snapshot of the previous fiscal year and outlines SLAC's 10-year plan for achieving its mission. The development of the ALP begins around February each year, and the plans are submitted by each of the national laboratories to the DOE's Office of Science (SC) in May-June.

Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP) Notable Outcomes

The PEMP is DOE's process for measuring and evaluating the performance of its contractors against eight goals (three for science and five for management and operations) and their associated objectives. Each year around June, Notable Outcomes (specific actions aligned with goals and objectives) are developed for the next fiscal year and subsequently included in our Prime Contract. These Notable Outcomes are then included in the SLAC Agenda.

Laboratory Agenda

The Laboratory Agenda (SLAC Agenda) translates the ALP and PEMP into strategic and tactical actions for each directorate. The Agenda is broken down into current fiscal year (tactical actions), 2-5 years (laboratory initiatives) and 6-10 years (strategic objectives). The following fiscal year's plans are developed annually around August-September, and each directorate then provides a status update to the Laboratory Director on a quarterly basis during that FY.

For more information on the Office of Science Laboratory Appraisal Process, click here [note: you will be redirected to a DOE site].

Business Plans

Each directorate then develops, and maintains configuration control over, Business Plans that are derived from the ALP and the SLAC Agenda, and codify the directorate's annual performance goals and objectives. These will then inform the division and group objectives, and in many cases will direct performance goals for staff. 

The current Business Plan Template and Guidance for FY14 is available to download here (Word).

Mark Hartney, Strategic Planning and Business Development Director (Strategic planning, business development, business planning)
Sacha Hanigan, Assistant Chief of Staff (ALP development, Lab Agenda)

FY Annual Laboratory Plan Laboratory Agenda
2014 SLAC Agenda 2014
2013 SLAC Agenda 2013

2012 SLAC Agenda 2012  

2011 SLAC Agenda 2011
2010 n/a
2009 n/a
2008 n/a
2007 n/a


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