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Performance Assessment

"Provide effective and efficient methods to assess and understand performance and manage issues"

Assessments are used to evaluate Laboratory performance, implementation and effectiveness, and serve an assurance function. Assessment activities may include: program assessments, project reviews, externally imposed reviews and audits, management walkthroughs, and other operational awareness activities.  Each year the Laboratory develops the Integrated Assessment Schedule in conjunction with Stanford University and the DOE SLAC Site Office for assessments planned for the upcoming fiscal year. Assessment activities are conducted in accordance with the Management Assessment program, and any issues arising from assessment activities are entered and tracked to closure in the Laboratory's Action Tracking System (ATS) in accordance with the Issues Management Program.

Marc Clay, Assurance Manager

NOTE:  For copies of reports from independent assessments, management assessments and self-assessments performed before 2011 please contact the Director's Office.




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Last update: 01/05/2016