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MFD Safety Program


MFD Lock and Tag Authorization

To apply lock and tag you must:

  • Be current in training courses 157 and 157PRA. 
  • Be authorized to apply LOTO on your ATA.
  • Be knowledgeable and qualified to de-energize the equipment and to perform the specific lock out activities required.
  • Obtain permission from the equipment custodian before locking out the equipment (and be formally approved to used the ELP, if applicable).

Annual Review of LOTO Program (157PRA)

The annual review is required by OSHA to ensure that employees understand how to perform the LOTO program activities that they are expected to do as part of their job.  All LOTO authorized employees must be witnessed implementing at least one LOTO procedure each year (this can be implementation of an ELP, or joining a group lockout if that is the only type of LOTO the employee normally performs)


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Last update: June 25, 2018