Metrology Department

Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment (1990, CERN)

F. Löffler

Current Alignment Topics of the various Accelerators

Surveying and Alignment Concept for the Bonn Electron Stretcher Accelerator (ELSA)
W. Schauerte

Geodetic Survey and Component Alignment of the Combined Heavy Ion Synchrotron SIS and the Experimental Storage Cooler Ring ESR
I. Schmadel

Precise Alignment Method for Tristan Accelerator
K. Endo

The General Principles of Survey for UNK-1
J. Kirochkin, B. Mukhin, V. Ulanov, I. Zhuravlev

The Alignment of the DESY-Accelerators -- An Overview
F. Löffler

Survey and Alignment of the MIT/BATES South Hall Ring
W.W. Sapp, M. Farkhondeh, J.D. Zumbro

KAON Factory Alignment
G.S. Clark, D.G. Martin

Survey and Alignment for the ALS Project at LBL Berkeley
R. Keller, T. Lauritzen, H. Friedsam

ELETTRA Alignment
F. Wei

A Summary of Ground Motion Effects at SLAC resulting from the Oct 17th 1989 Earthquake
R.E. Ruland

Current Alignment Topics at CEBAF
W. Oren

Instrumentation, Methods and Software

Real Time Altimetric Control by a Hydrostatic Levelling System
D. Martin, D. Roux

KERN-SMART-310 -- Leica’s Approach to High Precision Dynamic 3D Coordinate Determination
R. Gottwald, M. Riemensperger

Practical and Logistic Aspects of the Alignment of the LEP Collider
M. Hublin

Threedimensional Alignment Methods for the HERA Superconducting Magnets
G. Neubauer, W. Schwarz

Technological Evolution of Measurement Tools -- Dilemmas, Illusions and Realities
M. Mayoud, E. Menant, J.P. Quesnel

Smoothing the Errors in the Equipment Alignment on the Joints of the UNK Sections
J. Kirochkin, B. Mukhin, A. Novgorodov

PANDA -- The Software Package for Precise Engineering Networks
W. Niemeier, D. Tengen

Some Considerations on the Alignment-Accuracy for Accelerators
W. Schwarz

Photogrammetric Approach to Installation Problems
K. Endo

Fiducialization Procedures for the ALS Ring Magnets and the Booster Synchrotron Girders
J. Tanabe, R. Keller, T. Lauritzen

Alignment Methods Applied to the LEP Magnet Measurements
J. Billan, G. Brun, K.N. Henrichsen, P. Legrand, O. Pagano, P. Rohmig, L. Walckiers

Refraction free Method of Laser Alignment
M. Zak, J. Kwiecien

Influence of Horizontal Refraction on the Traverse Measurements in Tunnels with Small Diameters
N. Korittke

The Investigation of Vibration of LINAC at KEK
K. Katayama, Y. Takahashi, T. Imazawa, N. Murai, T. Tamaki

Metrology for Experiments

Geodetic Metrology for Large Experiments
C. Lasseur

The Electronic Alignment System at the Fermilab D0 Detector
H. Jöstlein

Alignment Aspects for the HERA-Experiments ZEUS and H1
T. Dobers, M. Krendler, H.P. Lohmann, E. Weiss

Next Generation Accelerators

The Proposed Alignment System for the Final Focus Test. Beam at SLAC
G.E. Fischer, R.E. Ruland

A Test Facility for the Position Control System of JLC
N. Ishihara et al., T. Kubota et al.

Experimantal Approach of Micropositioning Problems on Future Linear Colliders
W. Coosemans, P. Poirier, I. Wilson

Wire Measurements for the Control of the FFTB-Magnets at SLAC
W. Schwarz

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