M. Mayoud

Metrology of Accelerators
Review of Current Achievements and Projects

The Alignment of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory
H. Friedsam

Survey Techniques Developed to Align Stacked Beam Lines at CEBAF
C. Curtis, W. Oren, K.J. Tremblay

Precise Alignment of the Injection Beam Line for the UNK
J. Kirochkin

Geodetic Concept and Alignment of COSY
U. Bechstedt, W. Ermer, A. Hardt, G. Krol, T. Sagefka, H.J. Stollenwerk, R. Nicia

Survey and Alignment Data Analysis for the ALS Storage Ring using Computer Spreadsheets
R. Keller

Survey, Alignment and First Beam Tests of a New 1 GeV Electron Stretcher Ring at MIT
M. Farkhondeh, K.A. Dow, W.W. Sapp

Survey and Alignment of the Synchrotron Light Source ELETTRA
F. Wei, A. Bergamo, P. Furlan, J. Grgic, A. Wrulich

Surveying and Tuning of a Machine to produce High Precise Parts for a Hadron-Electron-Separator
E. Weiss

Alignment of HIMAC Synchrotrons
K. Sato, K. Mishim, K. Noda, E. Takada, M. Kumada, M. Kanazawa, A. Itano,
M. Sudou, S. Yamoto, M. Katane, Y. Yoshiwara

Current Alignment Operation procedures for RHIC
F. Karl

A Historical First on Accelerator Alignment
D. Roux

Applications of Hydrostatic Levelling in Civil Engineering
D. Martin

The Chesapeake Laser Tracker in Industrial Metrology
R. Ruland

Metrology of Experiments
Recent Developments and Trends

Multi-point Wide-Range Precision Alignment Based on a Stretched Wire Technique
A. Korytov

Wide-Range Precision Alignment for the GEM Muon System
J. Paradiso, D. Goodwin

The GEM Detector Projective Alignment Simulation System
C. Wuest, F.C. Belser, F. Holdener, M. Roeben,
J. Paradiso, G. Mitselmakher, A Ostapchuk, J. Pier-Amory

The RASNIK/CCD 3-Dimensional Alignment System
H. Dekker, H. van der Graaf, H. Groenstege, F. Linde,
S. Sman, R. Steensma, B. Jongkind, A. Smeulders

State of the Art of High Precision Industrial Photogrammetry
V. Uffenkamp

Integration of New Alignment Techniques in the Future LHC Experiments
J.C. Gayde, C. Lasseur

Instruments and Methods, Special Measurements, Databases

The Position Monitor using Stretched Wire Technique
T. Mimashi, S. Kuroda, H. Nakayama, K. Oide, R. Sugahara, N. Yamamoto

Development of a New Digital Collimator
W. Schauerte, N. Cassot

Improvement of the Alignment Process of Superconducting Magnets and Low- Sections
H. Petersson, J.P. Quesnel

RHlC Electronic Data Collection and Survey & Alignment Data Base
F.M. Hemmer

Case Design and Implementation of a Geodetic Database for CERN Accelerators
T. Bhattacharjee, D. Missiaen

Dynamic Alignment, Real-Time Measurements, Vibrational Control

Measurement of the Seismic Motion and the Displacement of the Floor in the Tristan Ring
R. Sugahara, K. Endo, Y. Ohsawa

Slow Drift and Frequency Spectra on Ground Motion
S. Takeda, A. Akiyama, K. Kudo, H. Nakanishi, N. Yamamoto

Recent Developments on CLIC Alignment Tests and Concepts
W. Coosemans

A Dynamic Alignment System for the Final Focus Test Beam
R. Ruland, V. Bressler, G. Fischer, D. Plouffe

Distributed Papers

Invar Wire Calibration and Measurement at the Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
S. Chen

Control Surveys for Underground Construction of the Superconducting Super Collider
W.J.T. Greening, G. Robinson, J. Robbins, R. Ruland

Alignment Status at the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory
L. Ketcham

Geodetic Measurements for 6-m Magnetic Spark Spectrometer ITEP
N.I. Porubay

Geodetic Networks of HESYRL and Magnets' Planar Positioning
C. Zhang

Papers distributed during the Conference : (not available in proceedings)

Description of the Hierarchy of Alignment for the Muon System of the SDC Detector
J. Govignon

Introduction to Projective Alignment Concepts
A. Ostapchuk

Photogrammetry from Converging Photographs : Application to the Metrology of Accelerators and Experiments
V. Poutier

SPS Data on Tunnel Displacements and the ATL Law
V. Shiltsev

Modern Dimensional Metrology using Mobile and Stationary Measuring Systems for Particle Accelerator Applications
H. Wirth