Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Alignment Engineering Metrology Department

AEG Safety: Current Work Status

"Effective with this memo, I am removing the work restrictions instituted on October 18, 2004. Thus the Laboratory completes the transition that began with "suspended work", evolved through "restricted work" and, as of Monday November 15th, will return the staff to "normal work."...

Ref: Director's Email "Moving Out of the Restricted Work Phase" dated 11/12/04

"The qualifying employees who have met the requirements are hereby released from suspended work status to restricted work status. In the restricted work status, AEG staff members can perform regular office work and scope limited alignment work only.

Regular office work consists of such activities as using the phone, email, fax, or copier; having conversations and meetings on any SLAC subject with SLAC or non-SLAC personnel; using the computer or other office equipment to perform regular activities; entering other buildings where only office work is being performed to speak to other staff members or obtain information; and performing light administrative work such as taking inventory or inspecting items as long as it does not require the moving of heavy items.

The scope of permitted alignment work is limited to maintenance, calibration and fiducialization work in the alignment laboratories involving items which can be safely lifted by one person and do not require “Hoisting & Rigging” and “Lock & Tag” procedures. Also permitted is the mapping of roads and buildings on the SLAC site but excludes areas of additional risks like heavy traffic or steep slopes. None of the above work may use power tools, ladders."

Ref: Department Email "Release to restricted work status" dated 10/22/04