University Counsel for SLAC


Conflict of Interest

University policies on conflict of interest require avoidance of the following situations:
  • Use of privileged information for personal gain or other unauthorized purposes
  • Use of University-supported work, products, results, materials, property records, or information without authorization
  • Negotiations or approval contracts between the University and another firm (in which the employee has an interest)
  • Acceptance (or giving) of gratuities or special favors from (or to) the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) or private organizations or individuals with which the University conducts business
  • Direct participation in career-related decisions of a close relative or spouse who is also a SLAC employee
For additional guidance on conflict of interest, see: SLAC faculty should also consult the Stanford University Faculty Handbook, Chapter 2, Section 2, Part VI, Item G, "Close Relatives on the Faculty." General information for university faculty can be found in the Faculty Handbook.
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