University Counsel for SLAC


University Counsel for SLAC

The University Counsel for SLAC is a member of Stanford University's Office of General Counsel.

The University Counsel for SLAC is charged with providing all required advice and assistance to help SLAC be in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, contract terms, the University's Founding Grant, policies, and procedures, and with providing every assistance to ensure that SLAC meets its research and education goals in a legal and ethical manner.


Imposition of the federal template on a private university operating under the laws of the State of California continually generates unique and sometimes difficult situations involving a variety of issues.

Legal areas of concern include:

  • Federal government contracts (emphasis on DOE management & operating contracts)
  • Intellectual property
  • Academic and faculty affairs
  • Export control and research scholar immigration
  • Labor
  • Procurement and similar commercial transactions
  • Real estate and land use
  • Construction and related subcontracting (Davis-Bacon Act, Miller Act)
  • Federal and internal audit and investigation
  • Environmental remediation and restoration
  • Federal cost principles and federal cost accounting standards
  • General business matters

It is the responsibility of the counsel for SLAC to know and understand relevant federal, California, and local law and regulation and their applicability to SLAC activities; additionally, counsel must educate the SLAC Directorates as to applicable law when appropriate.

Counsel must manage legal issues, facilitate transactions, oversee litigation, and provide advice and representation to help SLAC fulfill its mission and meet its goals.



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