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KIPAC hosts a variety of seminars, meetings, and other events both on the Stanford University Campus and at the Fred Kavli Building at SLAC. Detailed information about upcoming events is available here.

KIPAC Tea Talks

The KIPAC community gathers twice a week for our KIPAC Tea Talks. These informal meetings include a discussion of recent hot papers from astro-ph, news and gossip from the community, reports from recent conferences and a short talk from a member of the group. These events are well-attended and we welcome everyone to join. Food is served with schedules and information are available here.

Astrophysics Colloquium

KIPAC also co-hosts the Astrophysics Colloquium, held both at campus & SLAC on Thursdays. All interested parties are welcome to attend, and food is served.


Meeting of Astrophysics Students at Stanford (MASS) are held each week providing a forum for students in astronomy and astrophysics to discuss important ideas outside classes, colloquia and tea talks.

Faculty Club Lunch with Pierre

Lunches at the Faculty Club, hosted by Pierre Schwob, follow the friday KIPAC tea from 12-1PM. Five guests, along with the teatalk speaker, attend each lunch. Guests will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please register early for the week online. Latest date to register for a confirmed reservation is Thursday evening before Friday's lunch.


Stanford University Physics & Applied Physics Colloquium
SLAC Experimental Seminars
SLAC Theory Seminars
Institute for Theoretical Physics at Stanford (ITP)
SLAC Colloquium





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