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STI Author Responsibilities

All written results of SLAC work must be properly tracked, collected, and made publicly accessible as mandated by SLAC’s DOE contract. This applies to all work performed at SLAC, or work completed collaboratively elsewhere utilizing SLAC effort.

In line with DOE Order 241.1B, IMS processes and tracks all SLAC-related research papers, theses, or reports, regardless of where such research may eventually appear (e.g., a journal article, conference proceedings, preprint archive, or server elsewhere).

It is your responsibility as a SLAC author to register and submit your SLAC document to IMS by doing the following.

  • Register for a document number with SciDoc.
  • Put the DOE contract acknowledgment on your paper (i.e., "Work supported [optional: in part] by the U.S. Department of Energy under contract number DE-AC02-76SF00515.").
  • Upload a PDF copy of your document to SciDoc before publication or electronic posting (this includes submission to the arXiv).

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