Utility Schedule

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Below is the annual utility schedule for carpet extractions and stripping/waxing floors.

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Building Number Building Name Carpet Extract Strip & Wax
003 Auxiliary Control Bldg April September
006 Cryogenics Bldg April September
015 Power Conversion April September
023 Central Utility Bldg None January
024 ES&H Bldg April September
025 Light Fabrication Bldg April September
026 Heavy Fabrication Bldg April October
027 Exercise Facility & Canteen None September
028 Warehouse/User Office April October
031 Vacuum Assembly Bldg None October
033 Light Assembly Bldg None March
034 Electronics Annex Bldg April September
035 Facilities Shops Bldg April September
040 Central Laboratory May January
041 Administrative & Engineering May September
042 Cafeteria May January
043 Auditorium May January
044 Test Laboratory May February
045 Test Laboratory Facilities May February
048 Research Office Bldg (ROB) May March
050 Computer Bldg May December
081 General Services Bldg April None
084 Central Laboratory Addition May December
120 SSRL North Arc Bldg April November
123 HYD Furnace Housing May January
130 SSRL West Experimental Bldg None November
131 SSRL South ARC Bldg None November
137E SSRL Lab, Office & Shops April December
137W SSRL Lab, Office & Shops April December
140 SSRL Spear Injector None November
207 SLAC Safeguards & Security April None
208 SLC City Office April None
210 SLC City Office April None
212 SLC City Office April None
213 SLC City Office April None
214 SLC City Office April None
219 SSRL IBM Office Trailer March None
228 Mechanical Design Offices April None
229 Mccad Office April None
240 MFD Office Trailer April None
241 Facilities Office Trailer, East April None
242 Facilities Office Trailer, West April None
243 Facilities Design Office April None
259 Office Trailer April None
266 Office Trailer March None
267 Office Trailer March None
271 SSRL Office Trailer April November
274 SSRL Staff Offices March September
275 Office Trailer for Training March None
278 SSRL Offices March None
279 SLAC User Trailer #1 April None
280 Physics and Engineering March February
281 SLC Engineering Trailer, North April None
282 SLC Engineering Trailer, South April None
283 SLC Engineering Trailer, East April None
287 Office Trailer April None
288 SSRL Office Trailer, South April None
289 SSRL Office Trailer April None
290 SSRL Office Trailer, North April November
293 SSRL Office Trailer, NW April None
294 SSRL Office Trailer, SW April None
299 EPR Office Trailer April None
451 SSRL Engineering Trailer #1 April None
452 SSRL Engineering Trailer #2 March None
453 SSRL Engineering Trailer #3 March None