Salvage & Storage

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Salvage: Use and Disposal

All equipment and material, exluding hazardous radioactive material and trash, should be taken to Salvage for proper disposal or reissue. This includes software, flash/thumb drives, and any other memory device.

How to Transfer Item(s) to Salvage:

Step 1: Fill out a Salvage Material Request Transfer Form. This form needs to be completed prior to tranferring any item to Salvage.

Step 2: Contact Radiation Protection Field Operations (RP) at x4299 to have the item(s) surveyed for radioactivity. Note: The following items DO NOT require a radiological survey prior to being transferred to salvage as long as they were not located within an Accelerator Housing, Radioactive Material Area, Contamination Area, Radiation Area, or High Radiation Area:

  • Furniture – empty desks, chairs, empty file cabinets, bookcases etc.
  • Computer Equipment (list any property control numbers)
  • Paper and office products – folders/binders, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Office Partitions

Step 3: Deliver or make arrangements with the Labor Pool for the transportation of the item(s) to Salvage. Be sure to get a receipt from Salvage to document the transaction. If the property being dropped off has a bar code number, the current custodian will receive an email notification which also serves as a receipt.

Drop off hours: 7:00am – 3:00pm M–F
Drop off Location: The lower level at Interaction Region 8 (IR 8)

How to Obtain Item(s) from Salvage:

Stop by Salvage to see the wide assortment of equipment and materials available for reissue. A partial list of items available for reissue is posted on the BIS Property Website. In addition, internet sales are held periodically through an internet auction service and are open to the public.

Walkthrough inspections, which help identify idle or excessive property in each division, are conducted once every two years by each Directorate or designee. The Laboratory may donate computers to public schools and educational non-profit organizations through the General Services Administration (GSA) Computers for Learning Website.

Warehouse Storage

You may make arrangements for storage and removal of items by contacting the Warehouse at x2329. A Warehouse Storage Request Form must be filled out and signed by an authorized person, usually your supervisor or department head.

An item accepted for storage may be held for one year in the SLAC warehouse. Extended storage requires written justification by your department head or group leader.

For more information contact Salvage at x2329.