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NOTE: Please update your browser and Flash plug-in to the latest version available for best results. We have seen unpredictable behavior using the older version 3.0 series of Firefox and Safari with SkillSoft (Mac and PC) as well as pre version 9.0 of the Adobe Flash player. The course will appear to perform normally but the final scores are not always posting.

MAC USERS PLEASE READ!: If you are accessing the SkillSoft Web training portal on a Mac, we highly recommend that you go here to verify that Java is installed correctly on your machine and it is activated in the Safari Browser BEFORE logging into Skillsoft.

NOTICE: A Java security vulnerability was announced on 1/13/2013. Oracle has released a patch for this vulnerability. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Java.


Frequently Asked Questions!

If your questions are not answered in this FAQ, send them to

How do I log into the training?

  • Using Your Windows ID and Password
    • Single Sign-On - If you are logged into Windows and using Internet Explorer on a computer within the SLAC network you can use the SkillSoft single sign on link. You must be logged into the computer you are using with your own SLAC Windows account in order to be properly credited for training.
    • If you are not within the SLAC network, not on a Windows computer or not using Internet Explorer, you may use your SLAC Windows Account to log in but you will be prompted to manually enter your username and password.

    Click here to use your Windows account to log into SkillSoft

    • If you do not have a SLAC Windows account, please read the instructions below to log in using your SLAC ID number and the SkillSoft password.
  • If you don't have a SLAC Windows Account, log in using your SLAC System ID and SkillSoft Password
  1. Turn off the pop-up blocker in your browser.
    • For Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu > Pop-up Blocker > Turn off Pop-up Blocker.
    • For Firefox, go to the Tools menu > Options > click on the content tab in the options window > uncheck the Block pop-up windows check box > click OK.
  2. Locate your SLAC system ID number on your SLAC Directory page. This is your log-in ID.
  3. Identify the password
  4. Click here to Launch the SkillSoft system check page.
    • If you see a warning message on this page, click on the link in this message for further instructions on how to correct your system issue. If you do not see a warning message, proceed to step 5.
  5. If you do not see a warning on the system check page, click the red banner and proceed to the SkillSoft login page.
    • Enter your SLAC system ID and password
    • Wait for the SkillPort catalog page to load - if you see a blank page with the words "Login in progress" for longer then 40 seconds, you may need to install Java. Please see the system requirements below for notes on installing Java.
  6. Click on the Web Training Catalog tab on the upper left of the large picture.
  7. Click on the + sign by the folder containing the training you are looking for.
  8. Hover your curser over the course you wish to take after the page loads and two links will pop up. Click on the "Launch" link to start your course.

What are the system requirements?

  • For our quick browser check, click here. Supported systems/browsers are listed here.
  • Operating systems - SkillSoft training works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X using the latest browser versions. We have seen intermittent success with Linux (see below).
    • Mac Users - Please use the latest version of Safari. Most SkillSoft courses work well with OS X and Safari 4.x and above. Make sure you have the latest versions of Java and the Adobe Flash player for the Mac installed.
    • Linux users - You may try to access the training on your  Linux machine but we do not guarantee that it will work properly. We have seen intermittent success with different versions of Linux. Please check your My Progress tab on the left hand side of your SkillSoft home page to verify that your training has been recorded.
  • Browsers – I.E. 7.x and Firefox 3.1 or above on Windows and Safari 4.x or above on the Mac are recommended. Firefox on the Mac is not supported.
  • Java is required to access the SkillSoft training portal.
  • Flash player version 10 or newer is required to access many of the web based courses. You can download the Flash player plug-in from the SLAC Xweb.
    From outside of SLAC you can download Flash directly from Adobe.
  • A sound card is required in your computer along with speakers or headphones.

Not all the course names in SkillSoft are exactly the same as on my STA, how do I know which course to take?

  • Since many of our web based courses were created by our vendor, some of the course names on SkillSoft are slightly different then the names in our ESH Training catalog and STA. Click here for a list of courses available on SkillSoft and the ESH Training names they map to.

I took the training and passed the test, when can I expect to receive credit?

  • The SkillSoft web training portal is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is hosted outside of the SLAC network by the vendor. SLAC downloads training data from their database every evening. Please wait until the day after you take your training to check that it has been credited to your training history.

Can I stop in the middle of my training and come back to it later?

  • Yes, the SkillSoft Learning Management System (LMS) will track the progress of your training. If you stop at some point and wish to return at a later time or later date, you can proceed where you left off by returning to your “bookmark”.

There is nothing that tells me I am done when I finish the test. How do I know it worked?

  • When you complete your training and test in the SkillSoft system, there is no notification that you have successfully completed the training. Training is automatically recorded though. You can check the status of your training by clicking on the “My Progress” tab to the left of the picture on your SkillSoft web portal home page (you need to be logged into SkillSoft to access this information). Click on the Completed tab to see courses you completed. Click on the In Progress tab to see courses not yet completed which you have started.

Can I print a certificate of completion?

  • Yes, follow the steps below:
    1. Log into the SkillSoft training portal.
    2. Click on the My Progress tab on the upper left.
    3. Look for the course you took under the Completed tab.
    4. To the right of the course title you should see an icon that looks like this .
    5. Click on this icon to generate a PDF of your certificate of completion.
    6. Print the PDF to your local printer.


I am using my correct system ID number and password but I receive a message that tells me, "Error: Invalid SLAC System ID # SkillSoft Password specified". What should I do now?

  • You may have logged in before and reset your password. If you don’t remember doing that or can’t remember the password you used, you can contact to have your password reset during normal business hours.
    • If you are a SLAC employee and have an email address on file with SkillSoft, you can click the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page outside of normal business hours. SkillSoft will email you a new password.

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