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ES & H Mission

ESH Web  Manual 
Training - Roles and Responsibilities
The Training Team provides:
  • Maintenance of the course catalog
  • Course scheduling and coordination support
  • Support course development and  instruction
  • Class registration
  • Class roster and evaluation forms
  • Class automated email reminders and completion notices
  • Work collaboratively with Program Managers  to facilitate vendor-provided training
  • Management of class attendance/transfer/challenge documentation through the training database and records system
Training Facilities and Equipment
  • ESH Training Room
  • Facility reservation
  • A/V/computer equip, flip charts and markers
  • Assistance in the preperation of course materials for class
  • Web Based Training - Learning Management System
  • Communication to the lab about general safety training and STA issues.
  • Training Program web presence
  • Quarterly directorate training compliance reports and custom reports
  • Oversight of ES&H Training Program
The Program Manager/Instructor is responsible for:
  • Defining instructor qualification requirements for individual programs
  • Instruction, or facilitation, of required ES&H training within their area of expertise
  • Assuring that training within their area of expertise meets current regulatory and/or SLAC policy requirements.  The Program Manager must understand and communicate training drivers to his/her customer base.
  • Creating a course curriculum that meets ES&H training standards. (subject to review by training team and/or ES&H peers)
  • Course materials not supplied by the training group (see guidelines above)
  • Acting as a point of contact to outside training vendors within the Program Manager's field of expertise
  • Insuring that the training facility and all required materials are ready on the day of the class.  (Note: the training team is available to support this).
  • Proposing new, modifications to, or deleting of courses to the ESH Training Manager and or the ESH Training team.
  • Following the process in Chapter 24 for transferring of training for the courses they're responsible for.

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