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Field Operation's Radiological Material Process

All materials removed from the accelerator housing shall be surveyed for radioactivity if the material was in an accelerator during any beam operations.


Call us at x4299 (926-4299) for a survey.

All radioactive material shall be tagged with a Radioactive Material Tag.
Any radioactive material shall be located within a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA).

For Offsite Shipping:
All offsite shipments except for documents, paperwork, and software shall exit via Shipping and Receiving using a SLAC electronic shipper form. this includes items which are hand carried. Permanent material transfers go through Salvage (Property Control). The savage request form is here [doc].

For any questions regarding shipping, please contact the Shipping and Receiving Supervisor at x4247.

It is important to follow these processes. In September 2003, radioactive material was unknowingly shipped out, and this resulted in an investigation, an ORPS report, and a Lessons Learned for SLAC.

Using the process above for offsite shipping by sending all shipments through SLAC Shipping & Receiving will prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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