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Radiation Protection Department
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Obtaining a Dosimeter at SLAC

The law requires radiation dose measurements for potentially exposed workers. Although radiation levels are low at most SLAC locations, we measure personnel radiation doses for certain personnel to ensure that dose levels are "As Low As Reasonably Achievable" (ALARA) and keep records which are required by the Department of Energy. Information about radiological areas and who needs to be trained and wear dosimeters is in the Radiological Work and Area Entry Requirements [pdf]; a basic chart is on Access Requirements.

In general, you will need to have training and wear a dosimeter if your work takes you into Radiologically Controlled Areas (RCA), Radioactive Material Areas (RMA), or Radiation Areas (RA).  Specific locations and requirements are outlined in Classification of Radiological Areas at SLAC [pdf]. If you are unsure if you need a dosimeter, please consult with your manager.


The classes are online web-based training.  See the Training website for more information on ESH Training.

Obtaining the Dosimeter, Forms

  • With Training: SLAC Dosimeter/ID Request Form A  (online form)  (alternate hardcopy version [pdf])
    If you have taken the appropriate training as listed above, you need to fill out Form A.  This is the same form to obtain both a SLAC Badge and a Dosimeter.  The applicant must complete Sections 1 through 5, the supervisor completes and approves Section 6,  the Security officer (or SSRL/LCLS User Administrator) completes Section 7 and 8.  All approvals will be conducted electronically (emails with attached links).
  • No Training, Escort Approval: SLAC Dosimeter/ID Request Form B (online form) (alternate hardcopy version [pdf])
    If you do not have appropriate SLAC Training and have a need to be in a radiological zone (Accelerator Area, Radiation Area, Radiolocially Controlled Area, etc), you must have an escort.  If you will be in there for more than 8 hours during a calendar year, you must obtain a dosimeter.  Completion of Form B covers escort approval, visitor ID, and dosimeter (if needed).

If you do not have computer access for the form, somebody can fill out the form for you.  If somebody is submitting for you, they should click the button "On Behalf Of" in Section 5 of Form A or Section 4 of Form B.

For more information on the electronic online form, please see the Dosimeter/ID Request Form Frequently Asked Questions.

Obtaining the Dosimeter, Picking Up

After all approvals have been completed, go to the SLAC Site Security Badging Office during normal business hours to get your SLAC ID Badge and/or your dosimeter. You must bring a valid Driver's License or State Identification Card with you.  See the SLAC Site Security Badging Office for  location, hours, and contact information. 

If you are an SSRL or LCLS User, please contact your User Administrator.

If you are using the hardcopy form, please bring the completed form, your Dirver's License or State ID Card, and your training records to the SLAC Site Security Badging Office during normal business hours.


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