Web-based Dosimeter/ID Request Forms and Personnel Dose Reports Are Now Available Online


Starting October 17, new web-based Dosimeter/ID Request Forms will allow anyone who needs an ID badge and/or a dosimeter to request one online, with all the authorized approvals done electronically.  The requester fills out the form, his or her supervisor approves, then the requester picks up the ID badge and/or dosimeter at the SLAC Site Security Office.


This process will save requesters time and eliminate thousands of paper forms each year. The old paper forms may still be used until December 31, 2011.  After that, the paper forms may only be used if the network is not working.


In addition, dosimeter users will have instant access to their life-time personal dose report through the new My SLAC Dose Report.  (The information is confidential and access is restricted to the user and supervisor; a valid SLAC Windows user ID and password are needed.) 


For questions, please check the FAQ or contact Henry Tran (ext. 3793) of the Radiation Protection Department.