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Chapter 52: Hazardous Material and Waste Transportation

The purpose of this program is to ensure the safe transport of hazardous materials and waste by meeting the requirements of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Energy (DOE), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It covers the roles, responsibilities, and authorization for the following activities as they pertain to hazardous material, radiological material, hazardous waste, radioactive waste, and mixed waste shipment and transportation:

  • Offering hazardous material and hazardous waste to vendors and third-party carriers for transport in commerce
  • Transporting hazardous material and waste within and off of the SLAC property, not in commerce
  • Classifying and identifying hazardous material and waste to be transported from SLAC
  • Packaging of hazardous material and waste for transport
  • Marking, labeling, and communicating the risks of hazardous material/waste shipments
  • Preparing and signing shipping documents and waste manifests

This program applies to all workers who offer for transportation, or cause to be transported, any DOT- or ICAO-regulated material, and the special functions provided within user facilities, Shipping and Receiving, Radiation Protection Field Operations and Radioactive Waste Management, Field Services, and SLAC Site Security.

Quick Start Summary [pdf]

Full chapter [pdf]

Procedures and Requirements

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Other Program Documents and Resources

  • Hazardous Materials Transportation Security Plan (contact program manager)

Program Ownership

Department: Field Services
Program Manager: Yolanda L. Pilastro

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Program SLAC-Internal page

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