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Bloodborne Pathogens
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Publication: November 2005. For information about changes, please see the Revision History.

Chapter 46: Bloodborne Pathogens


Exposure to blood-borne pathogens in the workplace is a serious threat to worker safety. To combat this threat, federal regulations require the preparation of an exposure control plan (ECP). This chapter constitutes the ECP for SLAC. It demonstrates our commitment to providing a safe and healthful work environment for our entire staff and is a key document for implementing and ensuring compliance with standards.


Cuts and lacerations, and other accidents, injuries, and illness may expose SLAC employees and contractors to blood-borne pathogens (see Definitions), either during the course of their daily work or during response to an emergency.


The requirements of this chapter apply to all SLAC employees. In addition, while all subcontractors at SLAC are responsible for having and implementing their own ECPs, they must meet any SLAC-specific requirements as described in this chapter. In turn SLAC will provide necessary training and equipment and supplies, as detailed in the following sections.

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