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Chapter 10: Laser Safety

The purpose of this program is to mitigate the hazards posed by optical lasers, which operate at wavelengths between 180 nanometer and 1 millimeter. High-power lasers (Class 3B and Class 4) are used at SLAC in research and accelerator operations. The primary hazard associated with their operation is potential eye damage; other potential hazards include skin burns, electrical currents, explosions, fires, toxic material, laser-generated air contaminants, collateral radiation, noise, and ultraviolet light. Low-power lasers (Class 2 and Class 3R) include laser pointers and alignment lasers; they are safe when used as intended, but require some controls.

This program covers the setup and operation of high-power lasers. It encompasses operation approval of laser controlled areas (LCAs) and approval of system laser safety officers (SLSOs) assigned to the LCAs. It also encompasses approval for two classes of laser workers: qualified laser operators (QLOs) and laser controlled area workers (LCA workers). It also covers the operation of low-power lasers. It applies to workers who use low-power lasers, operate high-power lasers, or may access labs where such lasers operate; their line management, supervisors, points of contact, and ESH coordinators; and laser lab program managers, SLSOs, the laser safety officer (LSO), associate laboratory directors (ALDs), and Occupational Health and Purchasing.

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Department: Radiation Protection
Program Manager: Michael B. Woods

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Program SLAC-Internal page

Laser Safety Officer (LSO): Michael B. Woods

Deputy Laser Safety Officer: Igor Makasyuk

Laser Safety Committee SLAC-Internal page

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