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ESH Coordinators

Environment, Safety, and Health Coordinators

Program directors, associate directors, group leaders, department heads, project managers, and facility representatives are authorized to designate safety coordinators to represent them in ESH matters. 

ESH Coordinators meet monthly on the fourth Mondays. For more information contact Terry McMahon or Mary Nelson

  • ESH Coordinator RRA table [pdf]
    List extracted from the ES&H Manual Chapters that have specific Roles and Responsibilities for ESH Coordinators.  This is not a definitive list of all ESH Coordinator roles at SLAC.

ESH Coordinators

Director's Office

Lead: Greg W. Johnson

Accelerator Directorate (AD)

Lead - John Seabury

Arrillaga Science Center (ASC)

Brooke Brandon-Uola

Energy Sciences Directorate (ESD)

Cynthia Patty

Fundamental Physics Directorate (FPD)

Marcus Balanky 


Ian Evans


Ian Evans

LCLS-II High Energy (LCLS-II-HE)

Ian Evans


Joe Kenny


 Matt Padilla (lead), Ian Evans


Joe Kenny, Norm Picker

Technology and Innovation

John van Pelt



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