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Field Safety Department

Safety Service Group

About Safety Service Group

The Safety Services Group  provides subject matter experts and program managers to line organizations and contract workers with help identifying and resolving safety issues.

  • Provide instructor-led safety training courses.
  • Review construction plans and specifications to ensure compliance with codes and regulations.
  • Conduct field observations of SLAC activities; provide consultation as a subject matter expert as needed.
  • Conduct or facilitate accident investigations, discovering root causes, and developing appropriate corrective action to prevent recurrence.
  • Inspect site-wide below-the-hook rigging equipment; ensure all equipment has current inspection stickers.
  • Investigate complaints as they relate to safety issues.
  • Support confined space entry process by conducting monitoring and permit issuance.
  • Inspect project and departmental worksites for safety deficiencies.
  • Interpret worker safety codes and apply to SLAC Line management and subcontract personnel.
  • Support excavation safety through permit issuance and field oversight of ongoing excavation activity.
  • Issue Hot Work Permits
  • Assist Divisions with Elevated Surface Work Plans and inspection of fall protection equipment


Selected forms and tools.  See the specific program pages for more resources for a particular area.


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