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EP-Hazardous Waste Management
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What Hazardous Waste Management Does

Waste Management Group's mission (WM) is to

Ensure that SLAC manages hazardous waste in compliance with applicable regulations and DOE orders through:

  • Minimizing liabilities associated with the transport and disposal of hazardous waste to permitted off-site treatment, storage, disposal and recycling facilities.
  • Provides mission critical services by managing hazardous wastes generated by routine operations
  • Conducting research activities to meet the storage limitations imposed by hazardous waste control laws and regulations.
  • Helping SLAC personnel in determining if a waste is hazardous, in training personnel on the proper management of hazardous waste, by assuring proper packaging, labeling, collection and tracking of hazardous waste; by implementing applicable parts of the DOT and EPA regulations as they apply to site activities; by providing the management and oversight of the Emergency Response subcontract for hazardous chemical incidents.

WM also supports:

  • Management of regulated wastes generated from construction activities associated with new facility projects and existing projects implemented through the Conventional and Experimental Facilities Department
  • The radioactive waste program under Radiation Physics by assessing the hazardous aspects of mixed wastes
  • Stormwater protection, sanitary sewer discharge, and toxic chemical management programs under the EP-Hazardous Waste Management Group and the Chemical and General Safety Department
  • Management of hazardous and regulated wastes generated from site remediation activities under the Environmental Restoration Group
  • The hazardous waste treatment program to assist SLAC operations that require permits for operating processes that treat hazardous waste

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