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EP-Hazardous Waste Management
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Hazardous Waste Management Services

Waste Management provides a variety of services and performs many functions at SLAC.

Here is a list of the major activities the group performs:

  • Delivers pre-labeled hazardous waste accumulation containers to generators.

  • Removes hazardous waste from work areas.

  • Track hazardous waste storage containers to ensure they do not exceed accumulation limits.

  • Consolidates compatible waste from various generators to minimize the number of containers that need to be shipped off-site.

  • Sorts waste and crush empty containers to maximize recycling.

  • Ships hazardous waste to off-site treatment, recycling, and disposal facilities.

  • Provide assistance to SLAC personnel and groups in how to properly manage their hazardous waste.

  • Develops written policies and guidance related to hazardous waste management at SLAC.

  • Prepares regulatory hazardous waste reports.

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