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Worker Safety & Health Program (WSHP)

Requirements for Construction Subcontractors

ESH Requirements

  • A Field Construction Manager (FCM) is assigned to all construction contracts to support/provide Project Management including safety management.
  • Pre-bid site visit to identify hazards associated with statement of work (SOW).
  • Submit a Subcontractor Safety Qualification Form (SQF) prior to bid.
  • Submit CalOSHA-compliant Injury & Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) and Code of Safe Work Practices.* If lock-out/tag-out work will be part of the contract, a current LO/TO Program needs to be included in the submittal.
    Note: it is the SLAC Subcontractor’s responsibility to secure similar required documentation from their lower tier subcontractors. The safety performance of lower tier subcontractors is the responsibility of the party who has entered into the contract with SLAC.
  • After contract award the subcontractor:
    1. Works with the PM/FCM to identify required elements and approves the SSSP.
    2. Submits SQFs for each subtier contractor that will perform onsite work
  • Work with FCM to secure any applicable construction related permits (e.g., excavation, hot work, confined space, etc.).
  • Work with FCM to develop Area Hazard Analyses (AHAs) and Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) per SLAC's Work Planning and Control process.
  • Have workers complete any required training.
  • Work with the FCM to run daily job-site safety meetings.
  • Representatives from SLAC’s Building Inspection and Field Safety Offices will perform construction safety oversight.
  • Immediately cease activity if the FCM or a Safety Officer issues a Stop Work Activity Order.
  • In the event of an emergency on-site, call 911 for emergency assistance, and then immediately notify the FCM.

* note: required if Purchasing does not have one on file that is current and is less than 12 months old.



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