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Chapter 42: Subcontractor Safety

The purpose of this program is to ensure subcontractors meet SLAC environment, safety, and health (ESH) requirements in order to fulfill the ESH policy of protecting the health and safety of on-site personnel, the public, and the environment. It covers

  • Qualifying prime subcontractors
  • Identifying and managing all ESH aspects of subcontracted work
  • Communicating responsibilities for subcontractor safety to affected SLAC and subcontractor personnel
  • Communicating ESH expectations and hazard mitigation requirements, as documented in the hazard-specific chapters of this ESH Manual, to affected SLAC and subcontractor personnel

It applies to all subcontracted work at SLAC, both green (as defined by SLAC’s Work Planning and Control (WPC) Program, see Chapter 2, “Work Planning and Control”) and non-green (which includes yellow and red work), and all personnel involved in subcontracted work: SLAC line management, points of contact (POCs), project managers (PMs), field construction managers (FCMs), service managers (SM), procurement specialists, ESH coordinators and ESH Division representatives, and subcontractor management and workers, both prime and sub-tier.

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Department: Field Services
Program Manager: Norman Picker Jr

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