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ESH Manual

Chapter 12: Fire and Life Safety

The purpose of this program is to ensure that activities that may contribute to a fire or life safety hazard are conducted safely; that conditions that may contribute to such hazards are in compliance with applicable regulations; and that SLAC provides a level of fire protection and fire suppression capability sufficient to minimize losses from fire and related hazards, consistent with its rating as a highly protected risk (HPR) property. It covers the design and construction of structures; inspection, maintenance, and impairment of fire protection systems and exit paths; and fire prevention for activities such as hot work, smoking, and using flammables and combustibles. It applies to workers, supervisors, building and area managers, the SLAC fire marshal, Facilities, SLAC Site Security, and the local fire department.

Quick Start Summary [pdf]

Full chapter [pdf]

Procedures and Requirements

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Program Ownership

Department: Project Safety
Program Manager: Ralph R. Kerwin

Additional Contacts

Program SLAC-Internal page

SLAC Fire Marshal: Ralph R. Kerwin

SLAC Assistant Fire Marshal / Emergency Management Coordinator: Lance J. Lougee


First call 911

Then call 5555

See Emergency Contacts
for more numbers.

In a non-emergency, SLAC Site Security at the Main Gate can be contacted at x2551

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