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What to Do in an Emergency?

Workplace Violence

All urgent and/or potentially dangerous threats or acts of violence must immediately be reported to Security (x5555) and your supervisor. Let security and the sheriff’s department handle the situation.

When confronted with a potentially violent person use these guidelines:

  • Project calmness: move and speak slowly, quietly and confidently.
  • Focus your attention on the other person to let them know you are interested in what they have to say.
  • Maintain a relaxed yet attentive posture and position yourself at a right angle rather than directly in front of the other person.
  • Accept criticism in a positive way. When a complaint might be true, use statements like "You are probably right" or "It was my fault." If the criticism seems unwarranted, ask clarifying questions.
  • Acknowledge the feelings of the other person. Indicate that you can see he or she is upset.
  • Do not use styles of communication which generate hostility such as apathy, brush off, coldness, going strictly by the rules, or giving the run-around.
  • Don’t reject all of the person’s demands from the start.
  • Don’t make sudden movements which can be seen as threatening. Notice the tone, volume and rate of your speech.
  • Don’t challenge, threaten, or dare the person. Never belittle the person or make him or her feel foolish.
  • Don’t try to make the situation seem less serious than it is.
  • Don’t invade their personal space. Make sure there is a space of 3’ to 6’ between you and the other person.

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