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Employee ESH Concerns Program

Submitting a Technical Concern Using the DPO Process

Instructions to be used with the Differing Professional Opinion Submittal Form.

To start the DPO process, the employee submitting the DPO (the submitter) must submit to the appropriate DPO Manager (DPOM) a written document (Differing Professional Opinion Submittal Form) that provides the following information:

  1. What is the issue?
    Tell us what the problem is.
  2.  What is your recommended action?
    Tell us what should be done to fix or better address the problem.
  3. What could happen if there is no change?
    Tell us what you think the impact will be to the environment or to health and safety if no change is made to the current situation. If possible, include an assessment of the consequences, including the technical basis for the consequence if the concern is not addressed. The consequences discussed should be in terms of effects to worker safety or health, or protection of the public or environment from DOE facilities or activities.
  4.  Which technical experts would you recommend to be included on the panel to review the DPO?
    If you know someone who can help us review the issue properly, please provide a recommendation with contact information.
  5. What should we read to help us resolve the issue?
    Include a list of the relevant documents that support your DPO or should be read for a thorough independent review (e.g., sections of safety bases documents, assessments, reports). Either provide a copy of the documents or provide enough information to enable us to obtain them easily.
  6. What else have you tried to resolve this issue and what were the results?
    Let us know what you have already tried to resolve this issue. For example, discuss how you used review and comment processes or local DPO processes to raise your issue and/or identify the technical personnel and management with whom you discussed your concern, including the dates (or approximate dates) and what was discussed. What was the outcome of that effort?
  7. What is the scope of the DPO?
    To help determine who should review this issue, indicate whether the DPO involves:
    • Non-nuclear facilities and/or activities (SLAC is a non-nuclear DOE facility)
  8.  What is your contact information?
    Provide your name, where you work and what is your position, telephone number, mailing address, and email address.

When completed, email the form to the ESH DPO Manager.


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