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Employee ESH Concerns Program

Immediate Danger

If you see something that is an immediate danger to safety or the environment,
  - Call 911
  - After calling 911, call SLAC Security 650-926-5555 (ext 5555 on site)
  - Notify your supervisor
  - See the emergency page for more contacts, instructions, and support information

General Concerns

If you have a concern, but aren't sure who it goes to, our primary reporting line is the ESH Service Desk.  650-926-4554 is the number for the ESH Service desk, where you can report any environmental, safety or health concerns not considered life threatening or of an emergency nature. After normal working hours, this phone will redirect to Security, ensuring that it is always answered.  Alternatively, you can email them at SLAC-Internal page (email is SLAC internal use only).  

Other options are:

The DOE Employee Concerns Program (ECP) is implemented in accordance with DOE O 442.1.A, Department of Energy Employee Concerns Program icon for external website link.  ESH technical concerns submitted to the ECP may be transferred to the DPO process for review and disposition (see below).

Differing Professional Opinions for Technical Issues Involving Environmental, Safety, and Heath Concerns

The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) has established a Differing Professional Opinion (DPO) process for workers to raise technical concerns related to environment, safety, and health (esh) which cannot be resolved using routine processes.

The DPO process which addresses esh technical issues may be used by all personnel who work at the Laboratory. Most issues can be resolved through routine communications with your supervisor, manager, ESH Coordinator, or the ESH Division. The DPO process should not be used as the first step to report concerns.

The objectives of the DPO are:

  • Encourage workers to raise es&h technical concerns and to use the DPO process when routine work processes fail to resolve esh technical concerns;
  • Provide reasonable time and resources for workers to use the DPO process;
  •  Protect workers from reprisal or retaliation for reporting DPOs

TThe following resources are available for reporting employee concerns:

Employee Concerns

ESH Division Hotline (anonymous by request) 650-926-4641
Stanford University Ombudsman icon for external website link 650-723-3682
Stanford Compliance Helpline icon for external website link 650-721-2667 icon for external website link
DOE Employee ESH Concerns Program 650-926-3774
DOE Inspector General Hotline 800-541-1625  
DOE Employee Concerns Program Hotline 865-576-4988 Oakridge


Employee Technical Concerns

SLAC ESH DPO Manager 650-926-4439 ESH Division Director, Brian Sherin
SLAC ESH DPO Office 650-926-4460  
DOE DPO Manager 301-903-9641 Scott Davis
U.S. Department of Energy
19901 Germantown Road
Germantown, MD 20874


To post information about the Concerns Program, please use the ESH Employee Concerns poster [pdf].

How to File an Employee Concern

An Employee Concern is a good faith expression by an employee related to a technical issue concerning a DOE-related activity of DOE or one of its contractors or subcontractors that should be improved, modified, or terminated. Concerns can address issues such as health, safety, the environment, management practices, fraud, waste, or reprisal for raising a concern.

A concern may be filed using the following avenues:

For further information regarding DOE Directives and SLAC, please see the SLAC DOE Directives site. icon for secured site link


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